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COC Private Server 2018

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Android Game Clash of Clans Hack Possible?

Is an Android Game Clash of Clans hack possible?

Guys today i want to tell you. clash of clans hack! is it possible? It is not possible to hack really clash of clans, but you can use private server. it’s like a hack and you can get unlimited gold coin and troops. another way to hack clash of clans is if you use xmod games.

Easy way hack tricks here but if you want to just experiment.

  1. Root your Android device using king root. (But it can damage your device also)
  2. Download XMOD from Google and download Clash of Clans mod file (it isn’t on Play Store)
  3. Start Clash of Clans from XMOD and enjoy the hack for about a week or couple Days.
  4. After Those Days, Then your account will be banned permanently.



Don’t use any website. (Like

Don’t share any Gmail and password for gems and elixir generator .

If you share, your Clash of Clans account will be hack.


You can’t hack Clash Of Clans permanently , because the server of Clash Of Clans is so much update and secure now that if it find any bug or change in game data that’s means hack, it will permanently banned your Clash Of Clans account. so that you cant Clash of Clans hack possible.

But if you want to play hacked Clash of Clans then you simply need have to download mod file of Clash of Clans from Google and play on that but don’t use your original Clash of Clans account use another COC id. Finally I suggest you, don’t use this XMod. Use private server. That’s contains many gold elixir and unlimited everything’s.

But if you really want to play some real Clash of Clans hack on android then you have to do following things. But just use another dummy or new account instead of your real account





How To Easy Way Find a Dead Base on Clash of Clans?

Today I want to tell you how to Easy way find dead bases in clash of clans. It is not so much easy to find dead base on clash of clans and get so many loot that you want.

The main idea is that higher the league, more active users you will find. These usually will be trophy pusher’s player, good attacker’s player, high defenses and high-level heroes, etc. You will also get raided base more often, and as mentioned, they get better and better as you go higher league and it it is very hard for you to Easy Way Find Dead Base Clash Clans.

Lowers & poor leagues are usually people who quit, rarely play, poor attackers so trophies harder, …. obviously, you will find better players everywhere, but again, I talk about percentages.

Possible dead bases in Legend and higher?  Yes, but obviously less likely than in Bronze.

For me, I prefer to be started around Crystal Leagues, or low Master at most. So that way Star Bonuses and other bonuses are high enough to also help me. when I flub attacks, helps make up for that. Also, when we lose in war, I get “some of the high be cost back”, etc. And especially with events like that the 5-Star Bonus we just had, it’s a big bonus!


You will usually get them if you have lesser trophies, gold league is ideal for most the, crystal would also do for TH 9 and above. Basically, u would have to keep searching till u get a dead base with a lot of loot. I know in higher town-halls such as 9 and above its very difficult to give major defense as we need much resource and u Easy Way Find Dead Base Clash Clans


There is no solution for this but you can follow these:

  1. Be in lower leagues. For example, if you are in th8 then 1400- 1800 trophies range is ok and for th9 2000–2500 trophies range is good.
  2. Change your game language to either Chinese or Basha Indonesia; it really​ helps you out.
  3. Also change your clan location to any other country accept yours.
  4. Change your location other country by VPN Software
  5. Change your language setting another country.
  6. Sometime some attack tries to be lost your wish.
  7. Finally Uninstall your apps and re install it for better loot.


Finally you need to learn that find dead base is fully lucky system. Search more and more, then you will find good loot base. Best of luck. Stay clashing.

How to Quick Way To Get a Titan Ligue on Clash of Clans

How to Quick Way to Get a Titan Ligue?

Hey everyone, How Are You?  Today I want to tell you How to Quick Way To Get a Titan Ligue on Clash of Clans. I’ve never been the biggest fan of farming on clash of clans. I’m more a war kind of guy but recently the last update. I’ve noticed how much faster we can go the farming is high up in Titan League. For as long as I can remember, Clash of Clans has had its best farming down in Silver, Gold One and Crystal all League.


If you don’t want to spend hours doing smaller attacks but would instead of liking to make a couple of big tugging on each cool down then it’s now very easy to do so up in high Champions / Titans / Legends League. There are several advantages to this – you get to practice making real attack that can be used in war and the huge arrogance you receive after a victory almost guarantee you’ll get your resources back at the very quickly.
Army composition and guide:

  • I always aim for at least 2 stars. Why? Well for two good reasons. Firstly, I want to make sure I get the bonus at the end of each attack. In Titan 2 that is around 300,000 Coin and elixir. of each resource and 2,000 Dark Elixir. Secondly, I want to make sure I always reach my daily star bonus – this shouldn’t be too rugged, but if you don’t have much time for farming, those 2-star attacks will help you to get some coin and elixir.
  • I always try and attack bases with 3k+ Dark Elixir. The reason for this is very simple – I’m using a proper war army that costs around 4000+ dark elixir in total. If you want to make good dark elixir, you want to be getting at least 2k plus the 2k bonus, everything else on top of that is profit. You can see from these 3 attacks I will have made around 8k Dark Elixir – not mind blowing but good if you consider the other resources as well.
  • So why don’t I use a less Dark Elixir Heavy Strong army? You can also absolutely can do it, I’d recommend valkyrie Bowler or Red Elixir Best troops is Minar for that but in this situation, I’ve found I enjoy using this compilation to attack and don’t mind spending a bit more Dark Elixir seeing as I’m still always making a good profit.
  • The most final bonus is that you can attack any type bases. Because you’re using a strong army, it doesn’t matter if the base is fully maxed or not because you should still be able to do at least 2 stars must.




So, what are the main benefits of Titan League?

I’ve chosen Titan 2 to be my farming ground and therefore:

  • You don’t spend so much time in the clouds, it’s low enough that there are still plenty of people to attack
  • It’s high adequate that the loot bonus is still very excellent. You are receiving 300k gold and elixir and 2060 Dark Elixir.
  • People up here attend to have pretty good resources, including dark elixir – either they are maxed already in which case they have a lot of resources as they aren’t spending any or they are defense for things like high level heroes – so overall you find bases filled with better loot, especially dark elixir.
  • Practice – this won’t occurrence for everyone, but as I like fight war, it’s a good place to practice against suitable bases with whatever army composition you are using. It means I can go into war having done 25-35 attacks using any single formation and feel comfortable for it.


Since the last update July 2017, things have changed a lot in farming and they specifically benefit those attacking higher up in the league tables. Having two armies ready to go at one time means we can get greatest output – all we end up waiting for is our heroes to heal if they were taken down. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t like farming in Gold League where you can attack every 10/15 minutes, this is slightly more lazy farming where you take more time between attacks. You need extra time to get good on war. And you need to join clan war, if you want go get a good elixir and coin.

The only down side is you need to spend to win as the bases will be difficult and you’re ideally looking for 2 stars. If you can calculate decent profit with each attack it’s very easy to get decent loot.

Here’s some gameplay examples of how I’m attacking trying to minimize my cost whilst still spending enough to ensure 2 stars:


Best Way To Protect Your Trophies In Clash Of Clans

I am Clash Blogger, Today i want to tell you The Best Way To Protect Your Trophies In Clash Of Clans. I advise you to create a strong base which had good defense. Follow my rule, then enjoying clashing.

The only things that can stop you from upgrading your town hall, if you do not have enough gold or do not have enough gold storage space. I strongly recommend that you max out your all buildings and troops level before upgrading your town hall.


When you create a new base layout, you must always think from attacker’s point of view. You must understand what troops they are most likely use to attack with. An attacker brings troops according to his town hall and present league. So that’s the key.

If you are super keen on protecting your trophies, you must keep a check round 24 hour.

I know it’s not possible to check all the time, as I said earlier, you must not dwell on the game too much, BUT you could ask some trusted friends to keep check for you. Arrange a schedule and all of you could keep tab on your village together and you will have good number of trophies in no time.

1)Protect your Town hall.

2)Don’t protect barracks or army camps.

3)Keep the mortars inside.

4)Place traps between vital buildings, like storages, x-box, tesla.

5) Finally Take Best CC Troops. Best CC Troops is, Valkyrie. wizard, dragon, & balloon.

Protect your clan castle make sure no one can lure it, so they’ll have no choice but to attack. Most of the time people attack without checking the clan castle.

It’s a small matter, but place cannons outside, and archer towers inside, they are more important than cannons. This is because cannons only focus on ground, and they do more damage. They are ideal on the very edge of the base, because they can weaken shock troops (giant, golem, pekka, king).

Defend your loot collectors, they may be the target of your attackers.

Place builder huts outside, spread out their troops, and make sure they don’t get a 3- star!


Some 100% Legal Way to Hack Green Gems On Clash Of Clans


Clash of clans is the most playing game on the world. This game is online action gaming making by supercell company 2012. We know that All games are not hack-able. But some of them are either partially or completely possible. Especially online game is not possible to hack. But today i will show you hack green gems easy way.

Today I want to tell you, how to hack green gems easy way clash of clan’s easy way with legal process. Some 100% Legal Way to Hack Green Gems On Clash Of Clans. All gems collection is 100% legal way.
There are 4 legit and real hacks for getting green gems free in clash of clans which on develop by supercell.
1. Removing Obstacles: You can remove many type of obstacles like bushes, trees, etc. You get gems in a pre-fixed order, like 2-5 gems in one obstacles. These are all free gems.

2. Completing Achievements:
You can get gems in large amounts for free by completing achievements. Some of my personal favorites are League-All-Star and Friend in Need & These are also free. you can hack green gems.

3. Buying Gems for real money: Yes. This is not free though. You can buy gems for real money. You can have found many package functions on buying Manu, you can hack green gems.

4. Completing Event: After new update at July 2017. You can earn gems, completing event. Every Weak there are many type of event on clash of clans,you can hack green gems.

If you want to get some real advantages on Clash of clans or any type of online games. It’s possible and hackable to some extent. Like you can use XMOD. If you want to use XMOD, you must need rooted android device, for Playing Clash Of Clans. This hacking system will show you traps while attacking and will let you practice attack with desired troops while visiting someone in scout mode. It’s cool if you are developing a strategy for Clan wars, you can practice attack beforehand.
But beware your account can get PERMANENTLY BLOCKED if caught by supercell.

Clash of Clans War Search Tips & Tricks to Get Easy War Matching



Today I want to tell you something for get a easy war Matching.

1) Start a war search during working daytime.
2) Include at-least 2 to 4 low level players th4 and below.
3) Include 2 or 1 rush base.
4) If you don’t have any th9 or th10 in your clan then having a rushed defenseless th9 will be very helpful in
clearing the top 2 players.

5) To get easy attacks you just need to have a defenseless base. But mostly we go with the full upgrade of all the
defenses. So there’s an other trick to get easy loots and attacks. For that you just need to create a base that
has weakest defense . Like if you create a base having all the defenses on one side, you can get easy loot.

6) To get easy loots you can do one more thing, just decrease your trophies and get into the lower leagues. Don’t
worry about trophies, you will get them soon when your greed to loot is fulfilled.

7) First and foremost, do not include rushed bases in a war. A rushed town hall level 8 with town hall level 7 troops
and defense means a tough mirror and that causes a lot of problems.

8) Do not include just one base of a particular town hall level, especially for high town hall levels. That leaves a
chance of getting two high town hall levels at the top, which causes havoc if the player is not good enough.

9) Lastly it all comes down to how good an attacker are you in war as any base equivalent to your level can be taken
out If u attack with correct strategy and perfect combo of troops.

And one more tip, Generally try to attack in midnight or early morning. Most hopefully you will get the max loot.

Thanks For Reading.

What is The Private Server Apps? Advantage! & Disadvantage?


Private server apps are the modified apps like edited apps coding or change server address. Some Private server apps is a Fully own or virtual database that is privately administrated. As servers need adequate internet connection and live. That can be often located in personal pc or free database on online. all Private Servers are available on the web if someone upload it. Or you can make your own database. You need to learn about coding, like java, c, c+ etc. or you can purchase private server apps. if you need. It can be work on desktop pc as operating system is Windows, Linux or mac. Also support all type of mobile device like apple IOS, android APK and Symbian OS. And it also works on Blackberry. Ordinary Android APK are suitable for play any type of mobile game. Because many type of APK gaming we can found on web. The main and famous Mobile APK are listed here. The Main reason for apps forensic is for fun. You can found limitation on all gaming apps. But after m

aking private server all apps will be unlimited gems, coin, money etc. you can control all your data.


Usage and Advantage on Private Server Apps

• There is no limitation on your server. All things you can be doing.
• Any type off apps modifying. You can add or remove many character
• You can enjoy unlimited fun and unlimited life all your gaming character.

• The owner has full freedom in choosing the server functions and software function.
• The private server activities are only regulated by the law and not by policies of the hosting provider.
• The owned computer need low disk space, memory, CPU time and other resources than need smaller then real server, and also can virtual private or even a typical dedicated server.



• A private server can put Many type of virus like as Trojan, Keylogging, adware or scripts into user’s unauthorized game client. A user not only risks personal privacy but also lack of indemnification from law.
• Private Mod Apps Can change the dynamic of a game code, private server providers all time heavily modify the game. Adding or removing some NPC or skills, increasing or decreasing the game treasures, Character drop rates, modifying the models in the game data, or adding some original functions or removing some function.
• Private servers may have many type of bugs and stability issues due to being outdated. But The official release may provide greater stability, Reliability.
• The main Disadvantage is The Most private servers have a short life time. Running a private server is unconstrained by the law Terms, Condition, & Service, so all type of private servers can be set up and closed without any type of notifying users. If You take any type of private server apps then please remember that, a private server provider can suspend or ban any user’s account for any reason or no reason. Because all right reserved by the owner of the private server.

What is the private server apps? Today i want to tell you everything advantage or disadvantage. is it really good or bad for you!!